Our Systems

ZIM Agri Systems enable land to be used for both energy production and agricultural cultivation simultaneously. All our systems are designed individually to meet the needs and requirements of each site.

Agri-PV for dual use

Application for agriculture under module rows

Suitable for avocadoes, citrus, olives, soft fruit
and other low-growing fruit trees and bushes.

Agri-PV for parallel use

Application for agriculture between module rows

Suitable for classic farm crops including potatoes, lettuce, grain and some vegetables.
Livestock can also graze on the land.

Our procedure for efficient and sustainable projects

  • Project-specific engineering, calculations, and proof of structural design are provided.
  • High flexibility in design means customer and crop requirements can be accommodated.
  • Wind tunnel tests (and a comprehensive report) form the basis of our dynamic force calculations.
  • The safety of system meets effective local norms in almost all regions.
  • Geological survey provides pile depth calculations and a ramming plan.
  • Assembly and maintenance of the system is possible using standard tools.
  • Moderate tolerances enhance ease of installation – deviations can be easily be aligned.

Advantages of ZIM Agri-PV systems

  • ZIMMERMANN Agri-PV is a high quality, state-of-the-art PV system designed for multiple dual land-use scenarios.
  • ZIMMERMANN offers systems which allow crops to be grown under or between PV module rows.
  • Innovative design means installation, maintenance, and operational costs are minimised.
  • System flexibility allows the cultivation of both short and tall crops and supports different cultivation methods.
  • High level of flexibility accommodates customer- and crop-specific adjustments and solutions.
  • Installation and commissioning of the system is fast, easy, and safe.
  • Incorporated cable-management enhances safety and reduces maintenance.
  • Every system is supplied with comprehensive quality and warranty statements.

Benefits of Agri-PV

  • Lower heat under the Agri-PV system encourages a stable and uniform ripening time.
  • Insurance costs against hail damage are reduced significantly.
  • Better working conditions for pickers allows longer working hours, even at midday.
  • Combined production of fruit and green energy gives the farmer a unique selling proposition.
  • Solar power availability makes fruit production almost totally CO2-free.
  • Agri-PV offers good wind protection, reducing the need for hedges or windbreaks and making more space available for crops.

Why should farmers deploy Agri-PV?

  • Agri-PV systems create a win-win situation for farmers and the environment through innovative design.
  • Farmers can increase crop yield as the system offers improved protection from sun, heavy rain, and hail.
  • The cooler temperature and protection under the system can make delicate crops viable.
  • Some of our system removes the need for plastic foil to protect crops. This eliminates the costs of the foil and the labour required to install it. Reducing the amount of plastic used in agriculture is also good for the environment.
  • Better ventilation (compared to foils) and coverage from the system reduces leaf wetting. This cuts the amount of pesticide and fungicide required and helps to protect biodiversity.
  • Sustainable PV energy is available from the system, helping to reduce the environmental footprint of farming.
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