ZIM Agri 1 V

With its flexible height and inclination adjustments, our ZIM Agri 1 V system can easily be adapted as an Agri-PV system. Wheat, barley, or other plants can be grown between the rows.

Potential crops: Grains, lettuce, potatoes, and some vegetables.


  • Livestock can also graze on the land.
  • Installation by pile driving and clamping (using a module clamp or slide-in system).
  • Space directly under the system is available to promote biodiversity. This can be cultivated to provide food base for local wildlife or a flower meadow.
  • Distance between the rows and the height of the system can be adjusted to meet the requirements of a specific crop.
  • System inclination: 10 to 35 degrees is possible.
  • Can be installed in continuous rows or as individual table constructions.
  • Few components leads to quick and easy assembly with commonly available tools.
  • Module height, spacing, and inclination is adjustable during assembly.
  • Integrated cable management for safety and low maintenance.
  • System durability and resistance is guaranteed by high-quality components and a certified galvanizing process.


Pöchlarn, AustriaPower: 4,1 MWp
Type: ZIM 1 V / ZIM Agri Top Tracker / ZIM Agri Top
Cultivation: species-rich seed mixture / Apples
Year of construction: 2021
Copyright Imre Antal / Projekt Ökosolar Biotop Pöchlarn von RWA Solar Solutions

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