ZIM Agri Tracker

The ZIM Track Agri tracker makes it possible to combine a high energy yield and a high agricultural yield. The space directly under the tracker is available for planting and is ideal for flower meadows which promote biodiversity. Commercial crops can be cultivated between the rows.

Potential crops: Grains, lettuce, potatoes, and some vegetables.


  • Distance between the rows and the height of the system can be adjusted to meet the requirements of a specific crop.
  • Setting the system to the ‘cultivation’ position rotates the tracker by 90° so the soil can be worked without interference.
  • Space directly under the tracker is available to promote biodiversity. This can be cultivated to provide food base for local wildlife or a flower meadow.
  • Innovative and reliable control system enables the Agri-PV system to optimise available light for ideal crop growth.
  • Terrain-based, adaptive 3D-backtracking can further optimise the balance between energy yield and agricultural production.
  • With modern GPS-controlled cultivation equipment, collision safety and the effective dual use of the area is ensured.


Testpark, GermanyPower:  230 KWp
Type: ZIM Agri Tracker
Cultivation: Forage
Year of construction: 2022

Pöchlarn, AustriaPower: 4,1 MWp
Type: ZIM 1 V / ZIM Agri Top Tracker / ZIM Agri Top
Cultivation: species-rich seed mixture / Apples
Year of construction: 2021
Copyright Imre Antal / Projekt Ökosolar Biotop Pöchlarn von RWA Solar Solutions

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